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Christopher M. Lawson

Mack Beasley
An interview I conducted with Mack Beasley, author of False Justice, which was published by PublishAmerica.

False Justice
Mack Beasley

Can you give us a basic summary of False Justice?
The story revolves around a 64 year old man just released from prison after serving 10 years on a felony DUI case. The man, Mike Blackman met a guy in prison that made him believe he was innocent of the murder he was sent to prison for. Mike agrees to look into the case when he gets out. The story starts the day Mike walks out of prison to live with his daughter. What follows is what Mike does in his search for truth and trying to stay sober at the same time. He meets a lady close to his age whom he starts seeing on a regular basis. Mike uses friends from the past, like a lawyer, and state drug agent to help him find the truth which could cost him his life or send him back to prison. 
How long did it take you to write from start to finish?
Fourteen months, but a lot of days I didn't write, it started out as hobby.
Did you do any research while writing? If so, what kind? 
I did research by using the Internet seeing what you could find out about corporations and land records from different counties. I also talked to people that were involved in the areas that I had questions about. Even though it was fiction I wanted it to be believable. I also used out local library which is excellent for research.
Are there any authors or books who inspired you as a writer? 
I think James Patterson, Robert Parker, and John Sandford inspired me to try it, I think they're great.
Do you keep a strict writing schedule? 
No, I enjoy being retired and I don't really keep any kind of schedule. I am going to set a certain amount of time each day during the week to write, but not a specific time to start, I do my best work of any kind early in the morning  Like a lot of husbands, I have a long "honey do" list..
Who is your target audience? 
People who like a good story, but profanity and explicit sex offends them. I think you can have a good book without using either one. I like romance in a book and I read books that have profanity and sex in it, but as a Christian, I focus on the story and skip over some of the other stuff.
What are some of your favorite books? 
I have a good many that I really like, if I had to choose I would say any of the Jesse Stone series by Robert Parker. I think they are all great. Also Certain Prey by John Standford is one of my favorites.
What would you like your readers to know about you?
Nothing special about me, I'm just an average guy who has been blessed in the last few years. Before that it was rough because of some of the choices I made in life. I am a Christian and recovering alcoholic who has been sober for the last 13 years.
What are you working on now?
Right now, I'm working on Delayed Justice. Mike Blackman will be back as well as his son, Ben, who is single and forty years old.They have a case that involves a single lady lawyer whom Ben has to work with. I plan to make this a full length novel.
Any tips for aspiring writers?  
I don't know that I'm really qualified to give tips or advice. The one thing I would say is if you ever dreamed of writing, like I did, go for it. Don't get discouraged it's a lot of fun so just enjoy the ride.
For more information, please see Mack's website at

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