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Christopher M. Lawson

Special Thanks

I lovingly thank my parents, my motivators and among my biggest supporters. Their love and kindnesses has allowed me to not only design this website, but also to reach my full potential.
(While No More Lonely Days may not be the novel they have expected me to write, nor any future novel perhaps, I am nonetheless indebted and appreciate their unfailing love and support.)
I would be remiss if I didn't thank my friends. You know who you all are. Your support and love has also helped me through many difficult times and I appreciate it greatly!
Along the same lines, thank you to all of you who visited this website. I hope you enjoyed the journey and will return many more times to see what is new and what's being changed. "The door is always opened!"
Happy Reading!!!
"A writer's job is to always entertain in the best sense of the word."
Sue Grafton
The Armchair Detective
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