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Christopher M. Lawson

Reviews for No More Lonely Days
Special thanks to all those who reviewed No More Lonely Days

Chris Lawson is an exceptional writer both in content and dialogue. This story begins with Laurie, now 18, who lost her mother, to death, when she was just a very small girl. Despite this tragedy, she and her father, Gary, make it through difficult times with support from friends like the Rosegartens, who met Laurie’s Mom in a friendship of clothes pins and baked bread.  Now, Laurie who seems like a well rounded girl misses her mother very much and visits her grave frequently.

The Rosegartens move and sell their house to Kathryn, who has a 16 yr old daughter, Tracy; born out of wedlock, when Kathryn was only 16. The biological father, Devan, and his family moved away and Kathryn never knew what became of him.  There is an attraction between Gary and Kathryn and it seems like a new family will be born out of these two broken homes.

Alas, this is when Mr. Lawson throws a surprise into the story when he more than hints at lesbian tendencies between Laurie and Tracy and a few other women in his novel, where it seems that everyone is trying to be No More Lonely.

Then, of course, after all these years, Devan shows up, wanting to see Kathryn and now a little ashamed of his actions as a youth.

Read this novel to see what happens.  It gives one a true sense of real life and no fairy tales.  I could have done without the lesbian part, but Mr. Lawson has exhibited his talent for writing and I am amazed at his understanding of the female gender.  Five Stars for this one.

Kathy Schultz, Author of Riley's Gift and Convent and the Rose

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No More Lonely Days
A fantastic read which will draw you into the story, ‘An Outstanding Read’. It is a breath taking adventure into love, ‘A master of smart thrills’. It is well written and Author Chris Lawson writes the female characters so well. This story is colored with the hope, love, and faith. New beginnings, that one can cherish a lifetime.  If you want to leave your thoughts of loneliness behind just dive into this story, It will give you a new look on life and also bring you hope. ‘Heartfelt discovery, Staggering Brilliance, A story unlike any you have ever read’. A light that shines always to uplift a spirit in pain, this story is a must read. One of the best that I have read in a long time; it is full of passion, depth and emotion that will carry you through the characters life. ‘Excellent. Finely polished fusion of intrigue,’ I would not be surprised if this book becomes the next bestseller of this year. Come and journey into the minds and life of the characters in this book, they are so life like and real, that you will become one of them yourself. It is so vivid in description and full of heart; don’t miss out on this wonderful new Drama of the Soul.
Tabitha Robin, author of “The Burning Bush”

No More Lonely Days
By Christopher M. Lawson
ISBN # 1-4241-8546-7
This is a love story that shows the effects of our choices on our lives. When Kathryn was just sixteen she met and fell in love with her high school sweetheart; but before she knew, she gave birth to her daughter and the boy was long gone. She then spent her life raising her daughter with the help of her loving parents.
When Kathryn buys her first house she meets her next door neighbor (a widower with a daughter of his own) and falls in love. This will affect both her daughter and his. She must face her past and follow through with the choices that were forced on her at 16.
In this story it brings the characters together and shows how life intertwines, through out the years and there are some kinds of love that can survive anything.
It is a very good read and a book that can be enjoyed by anyone. It will touch your heart if you have found love and lost it due to circumstances beyond your control. I give it 4 good stars ****.
Reviewed by
Maryann Nooner

Title: No More Lonely Days
Publisher: PublishAmerica
Author: Christopher M. Lawson
Pages: 287
ISBN: 1 4241 8546 7
Dimensions: 6” x 9”

Author Christopher M. Lawson creatively paints a picture of the courage and joys of falling in love again in his recent novel No More Lonely Days. He elaborates on how life can be brutal, yet life does go on and can be sweeter when the heart is willing to take another chance on love. Mr. Lawson’s characters are easy to relate with their struggles and fears in life and in love. He highlights how the human heart has desires, wants, and needs. His readers will identify with the realities in life that sometimes we do not appreciate what we do have right before our own eyes. Life may end abruptly today, but this author’s message is that love will last a lifetime. No More Lonely Days is a spectacular read for the romantic hearts in the world. This story is well written and it moves along quickly. Christopher M. Lawson will inspire his readers that love is around us if we just open our eyes, minds, and hearts.

I give this novel AND author a 5 smile rating

Anne Maisy Scott
Author of "April Showers"  

No More Lonely Days
By Christopher M. Lawson
Reviewed by BJ Myers, author of Justice Is Served
Romance is one of my favorite genres to read.  It allows you to escape into a different time or a different place and experience the feeling of falling in love all over again.  No More Lonely Days is a perfect example of this.  From the moment you meet the characters you feel as though you have known them as one can only know old friends.  Laurie and Tracy are young women that have a lot of strength in them, even if they don't realize it, and you immediately take a liking to them.  Kathryn and Gary will tug out your heart strings and you will find yourself rooting for each of them to take those first steps that they are afraid to take.  It is a book that is a pure delight to read and one that you won't forget.
5 Stars *****
"A writer's job is to always entertain in the best sense of the word."
Sue Grafton
The Armchair Detective
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