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Tami Williams
An interview I conducted with Tami Williams, author of Whatever Happened to Regular T.V.?, which was published by PublishAmerica.

Whatever Happened to Regular T.V.?
Tami Williams

Can you give us a basic summary of Whatever Happened to Regular T.V.?


It’s about two women who go on a reality show.  Instead of just playing the game and winning the prize, they find mysterious deaths and adventure.


How long did it take you to write from start to finish?


Because I wrote this as a short story to work on while working on my novel, it only took my about 3 months to write it.  I was shocked when PublishAmerica agreed to publish it.  I’m very happy too.


Did you do any research while writing? If so, what kind?


Not too much for this story, I didn’t want to get too close to the real show.  But for my other books, I do try to do some research.   I don’t want to write something about a real person, place or thing and find out it’s wrong.  Mostly because my new novel is about a member of the royal family, I’m trying to stay as authentic as possible.


Are there any authors or books who inspired you as a writer?


Many.  I’ve read Agatha Christie since I was a teenager.  I love her novels and then I’ve reached out.  I’ve tried reading the classics to expand my mind.  Some helped, others didn’t.  I do love Jane Austen though.  There are a number of Mystery writers that I love.  Basically, if you’ve written a mystery there is a chance I’ve read it.  I’m still finding new ones though.  I love reading from authors who just started writing one day and went from there.  It comes from their heart more than their mind.  I feel it makes for a better story.


Do you keep a strict writing schedule?


No, only because I have 3 young girls.  I try to write during quiet time, nap time, television time and bedtime.  Since most of them change, my writing schedule changes.  I do write every day though.  It’s the only way I can improve, I think.


Who is your target audience?


Anybody who loves a cozy mystery.  I also like to keep my books clean and humorous.  I’m tired of the darkness, so I’m looking for others who just want to escape in a good, fun mystery


What are some of your favorite books?


Murder on the Orient Express, The Phantom, Ivanhoe, Elizabeth 1, I can keep going for a long time.


What would you like your readers to know about you?


That I feel that laughter is a good thing.  I want people to find an enjoyment in reading my books.  I love to write and tell a story.  Even if it’s only to my girls, I’ll continue to write.


What are you working on now?

I’m finishing my editing on a novel about the great-granddaughter of Anastasia Romanov.  She discovers who she is and tries to make a life for herself. Along the way, she finds romance, friendship and some dead bodies.  I’m also working on some short stories for Amazon.  I have some short stories available to read for free at  in case any one wants a sample.

Any tips for aspiring writers?


Listen to what Authors who have been in the business a long time recommend.  They do it for free and they know what they are talking about.  I’ve learned a lot from visiting different websites with tips for new authors.  I swear everything I’ve read is right on target.  Also, read books!  Then write what comes out.  Let the characters do the talking.


For more information, please see Tami's website at

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